Things to Know

What you need to know before ordering a shed...

  1. First number is the gable wall and second number is the side wall.
    Example: 8 x 12
    Eave Heights: Low - 65
    Med - 72
    High - 82
  2. High Sheds - door can go on any wall.
    Medium and Low - door can only go on gable wall.

  3. Customer to level site or leveling fee may apply.

  4. Shed has to be 2 feet away from property line.

  5. We do not do concrete pads or carry gravel to site.

  6. PLEASE have your site cleared.
    Prior to shed installation, please pick up animal droppings and remove harbour over gateway.

  7. We need a parking spot for our 40 foot truck.

  8. We need access to an electrical outlet.  If your house electrical box uses the old circular fuses please inform us.  If cannot provide electricity please let us know before shed installation.

  9. In extremely warm weather, please offer our dedicated employees some drinking water. As much as we enjoy constructing your garden shed, we like to stay hydrated in order to complete our best craftsmanship for you. 



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